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The Chore Solution

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The Chore Solution: Making Families Better by Working Together.

How do you get children to want to do their chores without nagging them?  

This book lays out a chore based strategy for teaching children responsibility, work ethic, the value of saving money, time-management and goal-setting. It describes the challenges parents encounter using real-life experiences.

In a straight forward and no-nonsense manner, the authors walk the reader through developing a customized plan so that each individual family can be successful. Charts and spreadsheets are pictured, described and available for the reader in a ready-to-use format. Jason and Ann have openly shared problems encountered with their own family that all parents have experienced and suggested solid, easy to implement solutions.




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Who we are.

Mixed Up Books?

"Why that name?"

Jason and Ann were both divorced with kids of their own, and they added one more to their family. "Blended family" just didn't sound right for us. We are Mixed Up.

All of our books will be based on personal experience:

Books By a Family, for Families.

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The Chore Solution: Making the Family Better by Working Together.

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Yes! You've asked for it, and it is going to happen, soon.

Jason and Ann will soon be available for personal consultations. We are working out the details and will let you know more infomation as soon as we can. In the meantime, contact us and pre-register for your personal consultation.

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